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miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Artificial Lift (Levantamiento Artificial)

Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and gas lift products and services are designed to mitigate risk and expand the operating limits of conventional systems.Schlumberger offers artificial lift solutions for applications ranging from simple and economical to complex and high-temperature and high-pressure. Answer products and services are also available to optimize artificial lift and production.

Electric Submersible PumpsThe REDA line of multistage centrifugal ESPs supports a wide range of applications, from cool-water wells and gas well dewatering systems to high-gas/oil ratio (GOR) and high-temperature pumping systems and accessories.

Gas LiftGas lift systems using standard Camco gas lift products and services and the new XLift high-pressure and PerfLift perforated zone gas lift systems provide solutions for conventional environments and extreme and challenging environments.

Surface PumpsSurface pumping systems use multistage centrifugal pumps skid mounted horizontally for applications ranging from simple water injection to more complex crude oil transfer and refinery services.

Monitoring SystemsThe Phoenix downhole monitoring system supports in-depth analysis, diagnostics, and remediation planning, especially in problematic wells and changing reservoirs.

Advanced Lifting ServicesLift system and reservoir monitoring, surveillance, diagnostics and optimization in real time.

Subsea Lift SystemsConsist of high-pressure gas lift systems as well as high-volume, high-horsepower ESP systems.

Surface Electrical EquipmentVariable speed drives (VSDs), fixed speed drives (FSDs), motor controllers, and other surface electrical equipment provide reliable power, system monitoring, and protection against electrical faults, even in extreme environments.
Downhole Fluid ProcessingIn-well systems are designed to process fluids downhole such that a hydrocarbon-rich stream is lifted to the surface and water is injected into a different zone. Current systems are designed for same-well injection for waterfloods or depressurizing gas zones.

ApplicationsFit-for-purpose artificial lift systems are designed to provide the best method of lift for any application. From coalbed methane, gas well dewatering, and water-well and shallow-oilwell applications to the most challenging deepwater, subsea, geothermal, and heavy oil applications, our systems are specifically designed to provide an operator the most benefit for a field.

Engineering and DesignComprehensive design and analysis services for the reservoir, surface facilities, and flowline, as well as for the electrical power system, gas compression, and artificial lift systems.
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